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I just wanted to post the parallels this anon mentioned to me yesterday. It really is staggering how similar these panels are between Julia and Nagisa from Rave Master and Lucy and Juvia from FT. And if Mashima is going even further with the parallels to this event, then as was said, Gray is about to get FURIOUS with the demons currently on the scene, because Musica in Rave went on a RAMPAGE when he saw the state of Nagisa. 

*note to self* Don’t get attached to this scenario! It’s so hard, though, because I now want this to happen SO BADLY lol! Darn it. 

Seriously, though what is it with Mashima mirroring the Gruvia events to Musica’s story so often and so blatantly? He must go back to these scenes and even check out the panels again, because there’s no way this is a coincidence lol. And I’m not complaining, by the way, because I actually like the parallels very much.


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so uh

2007 - 2011 - 2014 (with the laziest coloring/sketching in the world you can tell i put no effort into anything anymore oops) 

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Anonymous asked: hiya kitty! Do you have some miraxus doodles? Stay awesome! ^.^

kittyarts replied:

This is all the Miraxus I have. I wasn’t planning on sharing it, cuz I wasn’t crazy about how it turned out, but since you asked so nicely uwu

Matches this set

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This is soooo shoujo.

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